Camp options: Woodstock Camps | Summer Jam at PDS


This is going to be another incredible season of workshops, camps and intensives… we have the amazing Tracy Bonham, Latin and Punk Camps, and a few very special surprises coming soon. Stay tuned for new camps being added, but if you can’t get enough, you should probably sign up for Rock Academy and play music all year round.

JULY 9-13, 10AM-2:30

Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students

Tracy Bonham Vocal Camp

Learn to sing from one of the great voices of our time.  Tracy will take students through the steps of learning to sing with power and grace. This includes ear training, harmony singing, mic technique and everything a singer needs to know to truly command the stage.  Not only will students learn songs by Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, The Band and Stevie Wonder, but they will write their own songs which Tracy will help them put harmony into. There will be a brief concert for parents and friends at the end of the week.
Grammy nominated singer songwriter and classically trained violinist / pianist, Tracy Bonham, has appeared as guest vocalist on Aerosmith’s Honkin On Bobo album, Blueman Group’s The Complex album, Aaron Freeman’s Freeman album,  among other acclaimed national and international acts. Her classical and jazz studies (University Of Southern California and Berklee College of Music) sparked a passion for music theory, ear training and vocal harmonies. The commercial and critical laurels won by her latest releases––both 2015’s Wax & Gold, and Modern Burdens––have further underlined exactly what makes Tracy Bonham a stand-out serious artist with a unique set of talents. 

JULY 16-20, 10AM-2:30

Ages 12 – 18, Some Experience Required.
Cost: $550 / $500 for enrolled RA students


Scott Ian comes to town to teach our children the finer points of HEAVY METAL. Students will be placed into their own bands and then educated in what goes into making true metal music: from naming one’s band, to writing songs, arranging the material, and the performance of said material. The camp concludes with a short performance at 2pm on Friday for family and friends.

Scott Ian is the co-founder and rhythm guitar player of Anthrax. Scott, with Anthrax helped create thrash metal in the early 80’s.

July 23-27, 10-2:30pm

All levels welcome
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students

Bad Brains Jam Intensive with Darryl Jenifer

Darryl will take your child through the art of the jam and song creation, showing them how to blend sounds and grooves for maximum effect on the students’ own original compositions. There will be a concert on Friday at 2:00pm for the parents. Darryl says: “I am so psyched to return to the Rock Academy this summer. Come join our fun rocking funky hip hop rubba dub beyond genre original inventive style crafting clinic.”

Darryl Jenifer is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominated producer, multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre classic artist as well as the bassist for the the legendary Bad Brains. The Bad Brains are widely regarded as one of punk’s most innovative and important bands.

JULY 30-Aug 3, 10AM-2:30

All skill levels welcome
Cost: $350

Latin Roots To Rock Camp

From the Rhumba Clave rhythm of Bo Diddley’s guitar, to the conga and timbales in Santana, the “Latin Tinge” has long been an ingredient in American popular music. In this camp we will explore the Afro-Cuban musical traditions that have made an impact in America, as well the music that emerged after American Rock reached Latin America. This camp is for guitar, bass, keys, drummers, and singers who want to learn complex, syncopated, and layered rhythms. There will also be singing in Spanish.
Victor Lissabet is a music teacher who has worked with students of all ages and abilities.  As a multi-instrumentalist, he has explored an array of musical styles on several instruments.  From old-time banjo and cajun fiddle, classical to metal guitar, Victor has found the common threads of inner musicality and expressive musical communication.  Son to a Cuban father and Colombian mother, Victor has been learning, arranging, and performing Latin American music since his childhood.  Currently Victor is an instructor and show director at the acclaimed Rock Academy in Woodstock New York, and the music teacher at the High Meadow School in Stone Ridge New York.

AUGUST 6-10, 10AM-2:30

All levels Welcome
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students


Jason will teach students the art of percussion and how to incorporate dynamics, power and speed into their playing. Students will spend the week learning selected percussion ensembles with a concert at 2pm on Friday for the parents.

Jason has been working as a professional musician, producer and teacher for over 30 years.

Aug 13-17, 10AM-2:30

All skill levels welcome
Cost: $350

PUNK ROCK Intensive

Students will learn about the roots of punk rock, how, where and when it started, who the real pioneers of punk were and how it got its name. They will write their own punk rock songs which they will perform on Friday, August 17th at 2 PM. Your kids will be really tired when they come home from camp!

John has been a veteran of the New York City punk scene since 1978. He has been working as a professional musician, singer, and teacher for almost 40 years.

Summer Jam at PDS

SESSION 2: AUG 13 – 17, 10AM – 2:30PM, $499

Ages 8 – 18, All levels Welcome

Summer Jam at PDS

A one week crash course in the majesty of Rock Music. Students will form bands and work all week on a set of songs, both originals and covers, to be performed at the end of the week. For ages 8 to 18 and all instruments and ability levels are welcome

This session is open to guitarists, drummers, bass or keyboard players, and any other instrumentalist interested in playing rock music.