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-Next Show Up!-

Aug 19 & 20 – 7PM

The Music of The Cure

Wall Street Music Hall – 323 Wall St, Kingston NY

The coolest music school anywhere

photo: Phil Mansfield


This fall has seen some of the most epic shows we’ve ever put on… blistering solos, incredible fills, and vocals to tear the roof off….  but now is the future – SIGNUPS FOR THE SPRING SHOWS!! For a brief overview of how the school works, you can learn more here, or if you’re ready to get started, write to to sign up today!

Spring Season Shows



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elton john

Elton John

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neil young

Neil Young

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arena rock

Arena Rock

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queens of soul

Queens of Soul

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A substantial amount of Rock Academy’s students are on some level of financial aid monthly.

Please consider giving a donation to  support our scholarship fund