The Summer Rocks at Rock Academy

Something for everyone at the ROCK ACADEMY SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES 2020!

We have ★VOCAL CAMP with Grammy nominee TRACY BONHAM★, ★JASON BOWMAN will be leading his ever popular PERCUSSION WEEK ★, ★PUNK ROCK taught by JOHN GULLO★, ★BOWIE AND GLAM with ROBERT BURKE WARREN★. We have ★ SONGWRITING with ABBY TRAVIS ★ and ★JAM CAMP with SETH JOHNSON★ Find out more here, or write to us at if you want more details.

The coolest music school anywhere

photo: Phil Mansfield


We had an incredible Summer and Fall! We played a ton of unbelievable music, we raised money for a bunch of important causes with our ROCK ACADEMY CARES benefit series, we just got back from an unforgettable tour… but now is the future – SIGNUPS FOR THE SPRING SHOWS!! For a brief overview of how the school works, you can learn more here, or if you’re ready to get started, write to to sign up today!

Spring Season Shows

beatles and beyond

Beatles & Beyond

comedy show

The Comedy Show

2010s prom

2010’s Prom

led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

stevie wonder

Stevie Wonder