The Summer Rocks at Rock Academy

There is truly something for everyone at the ROCK ACADEMY SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES 2019!

We have ★VOCAL CAMP with Grammy nominee TRACY BONHAM★, ★PUNK ROCK taught by JOHN GULLO★ and ★BOWIE CAMP with ROBERT BURKE WARREN★. We have ★JAM CAMP for all ages with VICTOR LISSABET★, and for players with some time under their belts, ★SCOTT IAN of ANTHRAX★ will be teaching the depths of metal in the greatest Metal Workshop ever created. For students who want to learn the deep intricacies of the JAM, ★Grammy nominated SCOTT SHARRARD★ will be showing the way. Our fearless leader ★JASON BOWMAN will be teaching his ever popular PERCUSSION CAMP★. Find out more here, or write to us at if you need more details.

Spring Season Shows

Drum Gods

The Jacksons

90s Prom

Rock Goddesses 2

Tom Petty

The coolest music school anywhere

photo: Phil Mansfield


This fall was full of excitement at Rock Academy! We played a ton of incredible music, we raised money for a bunch of important causes with our ROCK ACADEMY CARES benefit series, our students opened for Blondie and backed up Courtney Love…. but now is the future – SIGNUPS FOR THE SPRING SHOWS!! 

Write to to sign up today!