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Holiday in the Sun



Summer is coming and we. can. not. wait.

The tent will be up and we will be rocking out with Tracy Bonham, Seth Johnson, Abby Travis and so many more! Register ASAP to ensure you have a spot in the hardest rocking camps around.

Important Notice: we will be exercising social distancing at all Rock Academy sessions this summer. All students are required to wear a mask to participate. If you do not have a mask of your own, one will be provided at the door. Number of students admitted to each camp will be limited. Also, a strict regimen of hand washing, hand sanitizer and surface cleaning will be enacted. Any participant who does not comply will be asked to leave with no refund. Our concern is for the safety of not only our students, but our community at large. That, and rocking of course.


JUN 28-JUL 2, 10AM-2:30

Ages 10 – 18, Some experience
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students


Tracy Bonham Vocal Workshop

Learn to sing from one of the great voices of our time.  Tracy will take students through the steps of learning to sing with power and grace. This includes ear training, harmony singing, mic technique and everything a singer needs to know to truly command the stage.  Not only will students learn songs by Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, The Band and Stevie Wonder, but they will write their own songs which Tracy will help them put harmony into. There will be a brief concert for parents and friends at the end of the week.

Two time Grammy™ nominee Tracy Bonham is a classically trained violinist, pianist and vocalist turned alt-rock singer songwriter. Bonham’s debut, The Burdens of Being Upright, achieved Gold Record status in 1996, spawning the chart-topping hit “Mother Mother” which has remained a powerful anthem for disenfranchised youth all over the world.


July 5-9, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All skill levels welcome
Cost: $350

PUNK ROCK Intensive with John Gullo

Students will learn about the roots of punk rock, how, where and when it started, who the real pioneers of punk were and how it got its name. They will write their own punk rock songs which they will perform at a concert at the end of the week. Your kids will be really tired when they come home!

John has been a veteran of the New York City punk scene since 1978. He has been working as a professional musician, singer, and teacher for almost 40 years.

Abby Travis photo by Kathy_Flynn

JULY 12-16, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All levels welcome
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students

Songwriting with Abby Travis

Learn to write, arrange and perform your own songs with legendary musician Abby Travis. Have you ever had a song idea, but were unsure how to turn that idea into a full fledged song? Abby will lead students through the creative process of getting your song ideas out of your head and making them a reality. There will be a brief performance for family and friends at the end of the week.

Musician, producer and actress Abby Travis has played bass and sang with the Go-Go’s, Beck, Cher, The Bangles, Exene Cervenka, The Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, Elastica, KMFDM, Gibby Haynes, Dee Dee Ramone and Spinal Tap. She has also produced and performed on 4 critically acclaimed solo albums and currently tours with her own brutalist art core band, Sumo Princess.


July 19-23, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All levels Welcome
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students



Jason will teach students the art of percussion and how to incorporate dynamics, power and speed into their playing. Students will spend the week learning selected percussion ensembles with a concert at 2pm on Friday for the parents.

Jason has been working as a professional musician, producer and teacher for over 30 years.

Robert Burke Warren

July 26-30, 10AM-2:30

Ages 10 – 18, All levels Welcome
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students


Bowie Camp with Robert Burke Warren

Epic guitar riffs! Gender bending theatrics! Immortal songs that ruled the airwaves! 

Learn everything there is to know about one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, David Bowie. From Davey Jones to Ziggy Stardust to Blackstar, Bowie was always evolving, always experimenting both musically and visually. Students will learn Bowie songs along with the stories behind the music. There will be a brief concert at the end of the week for family and friends.

Robert Burke Warren is a musician, writer, and teacher. His songwriting appears in movies and TV and on albums by Rosanne Cash, RuPaul, and rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson. As a globetrotting bassist, he toured extensively in the US and Europe. In the mid 90s, he spent a year as Buddy Holly in London in the West End musical Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story. His rock n’ roll novel, Perfectly Broken, was published in 2016.


AUGUST 2-6, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, Some experience necessary
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students

Jam with Seth Johnson

Award winning guitar player Seth Johnson will teach students on the art of the jam while focusing on the rhythm section and improvising. The subtle interplay between the rhythm section and the soloist is one of the great mysteries that young musicians face. Seth will take this multi-faceted issue and simplify it, giving students tools to notice musical cues and react in real time. This camp will give you a glimpse into how to make mind-blowing musical moments happen.

Seth L Johnson is an award-winning guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, a prolific composer and dedicated educator.  Johnson’s expansive scope of musical genres makes him equally at home playing jazz, western classical, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, Brazilian, African, country, funk, bossa nova, hip-hop, and all other contemporary styles.

As a recording and performing artist, Johnson has shared the stage and studio with diverse and internationally acclaimed artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater and DVRK Funk, People’s Champs, Allan Harris, and Kaissa Doumbe, to name a few. Recent performances include playing guitar on the Tony-award winning musical Hadestown on Broadway, Billboard Music Awards, North Sea Jazz Festival, and many more.


August 16-20, 10AM-2:30

Ages 10 – 18, Some experience required
Cost: $450 / $400 for enrolled RA students

Recording Camp with Albert Di Fiore

Award winning producer/engineer/mixer Albert Di Fiore will take students through the art of making killer records using just what you have on hand. The Beatles recorded Sgt Peppers on 4 tracks, Devo recorded on 6 tracks. What can you do with a guitar effects pedal and an sm58? Join with your band or be put into a band for the camp. Students will walk away with a recording at the end of the week.

Albert Di Fiore hit the ground running in the early 2000s, working as a Pro Tools engineer for Lenny Kravitz’s Edison Studios in New York. During his time there, he engineered sessions for countless artists, TV shows, films, and engineered for artists like Lenny Kravitz, Patti Labelle, David Byrne, Nona Hendryx, Prince Paul, and Peter Murphy. During his time off, he brought in bands and independently began his work as a producer. In 2008, he started The Rumpus Room, a studio in Brooklyn, where he continued to hone his skills in engineering, mixing, and producing by working with artists such as Beck, Caveman, Avid Dancer, SKATERS, Sinkane, Wild Cub, and Temples. Albert is currently based in Nashville, TN.

Please email us at for details, or to sign up offline.