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Holiday in the Sun



We are so ready for another summer of fun, music and good times under the tent!
Check back for our full lineup soon, or send an email to be put on our mailing list for camp announcements. The first couple of camps are listed below, all camps are very limited space, so sign up asap if you want to join us!

john sparrow

July 1-5, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All levels Welcome
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students

Add It Up! with John Sparrow of Violent Femmes

John Sparrow from Violent Femmes will guide students through the creative process of writing and performing their very own songs. All instruments, styles and skill levels are welcome as John will show how to take a kernel of an idea and expand it into a full blown arrangement with enough room to “jam” inside. The week will end with a short concert for parents and relatives.

Long-time drummer and percussionist of iconic folk punk band Violent Femmes, John Sparrow has spent his life steeped in a wild mélange of music. Growing up on Milwaukee’s Southside, the artist was deeply influenced and captivated by the power and pulse of music at an early age. Not to be tied down to any one genre, John has played sessions that showcase ballroom dance, polkas, waltzes, country, western, Latin, multiple idioms of jazz and rock, and more. 


July 8-12, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All levels Welcome
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students


Jason will teach students the art of percussion and how to incorporate dynamics, power and speed into their playing. Students will spend the week learning selected percussion ensembles with a concert at 2pm on Friday for the parents.

Jason has been working as a professional musician, producer and teacher for over 30 years.

scott ian

JULY 15-19

Ages 12 – 18, Some Experience Required.
Cost: $600 / $550 for enrolled RA students



Scott Ian comes to town to teach our children the art of HARD ROCK AND HEAVY METAL. Students will be placed into their own bands and then educated in what goes into making true metal music: from naming one’s band, to writing songs, arranging the material, and the performance of said material. Students will also get to jam with Scott throughout the week as he guides them through the finer points of rocking the house. The week concludes with a short performance at 2pm on Friday for family and friends.

Scott Ian is the co-founder and rhythm guitar player of Anthrax. Scott, with Anthrax helped create thrash metal in the early 80’s.

tracy bonham

JUL 22-26, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, Some experience
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students

Tracy Bonham Vocal Workshop

Learn to sing from one of the great voices of our time.  Tracy will take students through the steps of learning to sing with power and grace. This includes ear training, harmony singing, mic technique and everything a singer needs to know to truly command the stage.  Not only will students learn songs by Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, The Band and Stevie Wonder, but they will write their own songs which Tracy will help them put harmony into. There will be a brief concert for parents and friends at the end of the week.

Two time Grammy™ nominee Tracy Bonham is a classically trained violinist, pianist and vocalist turned alt-rock singer songwriter. Bonham’s debut, The Burdens of Being Upright, achieved Gold Record status in 1996, spawning the chart-topping hit “Mother Mother” which has remained a powerful anthem for disenfranchised youth all over the world.

cameron greider

JUL 29 – AUG 2, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All levels
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students

Beatles Camp with Cameron Greider

Learn the music of the Beatles by exploring their musicianship, songwriting and vocal harmonies through some of the most iconic songs such as Hey Jude, Day tripper, Come together and more. Students will have the opportunity to be in small bands and rehearse album parts as well as performing for a student concert at the end of the week. The Beatles continue to influence how music is written, performed and recorded. There are now credited College courses throughout the western hemisphere. Cameron will make these ideas available for any skill level. This camp does tend to skew a little younger. It’s really about the love of playing and sharing some of the best music ever to be recorded.

Cameron Greider is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with Chris Cornell, Joan Baez, P.M. Dawn, Natalie Merchant, Sean Lennon, Freedy Johnston, Rufus Wainwright, and many others.  He has performed on the Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and the Late Show with Conan O’Brien, and worked with top-tier producers like Butch Vig, T Bone Burnett and Steve Lilywhite. A graduate of Yale University, Cameron also attended the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program and studied music theory, conducting and composition at the Mannes School.


Aug 5-9, 10AM-2:30

Ages 8 – 18, All skill levels welcome
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students

PUNK ROCK Intensive with John Gullo

Students will learn about the roots of punk rock, how, where and when it started, who the real pioneers of punk were and how it got its name. They will write their own punk rock songs which they will perform at a concert at the end of the week. Your kids will be really tired when they come home!

John has been a veteran of the New York City punk scene since 1978. He has been working as a professional musician, singer, and teacher for almost 40 years.

max lieberman

Aug 12-16, 10AM-2:30

Ages 12 – 18, All levels Welcome
Cost: $475 / $425 for enrolled RA students

Music Theory Camp with Max Liebman

Looking for a deeper understanding of how and why music works? Come delve into melody, harmony, rhythm, form, notation, and so much more. Students will learn to analyze songs, revealing popular practices that they can use in their own performing and songwriting. Students will also practice ear training, building recognition of intervals, chord qualities, and rhythmic patterns. All the while, students will translate these concepts to their own instruments, ensuring that they not only grasp theoretical knowledge, but apply it practically. Musicianship is much more than just being a good performer. This camp will help students become better players, listeners, communicators, creators, and most of all, well-rounded musicians.

Max Liebman is a musician, composer, audio engineer, record producer, and educator based in Kingston, NY. He has taught music lessons in bass, piano, guitar, ukulele, and music production to students of all ages since 2010 and currently teaches music theory as a professor at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Please email us at for details, or to sign up offline.