Get back to work!


We had a great summer at PGRA! We toured Germany and the United States, we had months of amazing camps and guest stars, and we raised money for a bunch of great causes with our PGRA CARES benefit series, but now is the time we love the best… CASTING FOR THE FALL SHOWS!!! If you join now, you have first choice of which show you want to be in this fall…

Arena Rock directed by Paul Green
Hall and Oates directed by Jason Bowman
Bob Dylan directed by Peter Dougan
Sly vs Funkadelic directed by Victor Lissabet
AC/DC directed by John Gullo

Write to to sign up today!


Why should kids have all the fun?

If you are over 18, but you still need to Rock, sign up for PGRA Adult and have the time of your life. Directed by Paul Green, you will have 8 weeks of rehearsals culminating in two shows, November 17 and 18.

More info can be found here, or you can head straight to the signup here